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L.A. Confidential
La Dolce Vita
The Ladies Man
The Lady Eve
The Lady from Shanghai
The Ladykillers
Land Without Bread
Landscape in the Mist
L’Argent (Money)
Last Battle
Last Chants for a Slow Dance
The Last Laugh
The Last Metro
The Last Picture Show
The Last Seduction
The Last Tango in Paris
The Last Wave
Last Year at Marienbad
The Lavender Hill Mob
Lawrence of Arabia
The Leopard
Letter from an Unknown Woman
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Life of Brian
The Life of Emile Zola
The Lion King
Little Big Man
Little Caesar
Little Miss Sunshine
The Lives of Others
Lola Montès (The Sins of Lola Montes)
Lone Star
The Long Goodbye
The Lord of the Rings (2001, 2002 and 2003)
The Lost Weekend
Louisiana Story
Love Me Tonight